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To all the followers of the blog, to anyone who has been supportive of Frank or us in the last months and especially after his untimely death we want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. In the week after his passing we received so much warmth, stories, care and love, hardly describable. To us it was a very precious and valuable week and it was so good to have Frank at home where so many of his friends could visit him. And all the help, stories and info shared in that week led to a beautiful goodbye ceremony on a beautiful sunny autumn day. For those of you who could not attend, or those of you who wish to reread the funeral speeches, we publice them here (in dutch and english) with some pictures in grateful memory of, and tributed to Frank.We will miss him dearly, thanks for being with him and with us, one way or another,

On behalf of my family and his closest friends, Esther

Foto's Frank

dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Real food and sitting on the edge of his bed, what a way to start

After a rather hasty departure from Kalorama we had a warm and professional welcome in the SMK by a very funny gentile nurse. Frank stays on dept. F1a, room 6. It's a room for 4 persons but he is the only one until now, so he was allowed to pick the bed he liked most. his new phonenumber is 024-3272638. Visiting times are during weekdays from 18.30-21.00 and in weekends 14.00-21.00. The daily routine is much more strict in the SMK, therapy, rest, therapy, rest etc. If there's anything to be recovered it will happen there, I'm sure of that. It's a very no nonsens environement and everything is directed towards improvement of function.
The physical therapist came in and performed some diagnostics and then asked Frank to come and sit on the edge of his bed. She helped him and explained to him that he had developped a tendency to hang over to the left. So to be able to sit on his own the trick was to alter his balance from the mid, more to the right. The instruction was "try to sit more on your right bum than your left" (how easy sometimes things are) and as Frank did, there he sat on his own on the edge of his bed without help, and Frank commented "ah now my parachutetraining comes in handy, this is exact that posture" and you could see that he really remembered and re-experienced some very intens feelings. It was fantastic to see that and how much it was a boost to Frank, "very very interesting" he replied. And the speechtherapist, who expected to meet someone with swollowing problems, was very impressed by Franks drinking and swallowing skills and immediately released the mixmeuk recipe and changed Frank to normal food (however still a bit soft foods). During lunch he drank his soup with meatballs and he chew and ate them as if he hadn't eaten for month, so I gave him my meatballs. What a joy to see him eating and enjoying the improvement. And although it was a very busy day, it felt like a very good day!!
The cardboard above his bed is empty (again) except for the homemade munchkin cards from Matthieu and Angie. So some new cards would be very welcome I presume.
The adress is:
St Maartenskliniek t.a.v. Frank van den Bergh F1a, room 6
Hengstdal 3
6574 NA UBBERGEN (bij Nijmegen)

Let's hope that this good start will continue positively
Goodnight folks, Esther

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  1. Het is zo goed om te horen dat Frank maar vooruit blijft gaan. Ik zal snel een kaartje sturen en langskomen. Blijft lastig te organiseren met twee kinderen.

    Ik lees het blog trouw en nogmaals mijn dank aan Esther, Rense en Andre voor het ons op de hoogte houden van het wel en wee van Frank.