Thousend times thanks!

To all the followers of the blog, to anyone who has been supportive of Frank or us in the last months and especially after his untimely death we want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. In the week after his passing we received so much warmth, stories, care and love, hardly describable. To us it was a very precious and valuable week and it was so good to have Frank at home where so many of his friends could visit him. And all the help, stories and info shared in that week led to a beautiful goodbye ceremony on a beautiful sunny autumn day. For those of you who could not attend, or those of you who wish to reread the funeral speeches, we publice them here (in dutch and english) with some pictures in grateful memory of, and tributed to Frank.We will miss him dearly, thanks for being with him and with us, one way or another,

On behalf of my family and his closest friends, Esther

Foto's Frank

woensdag 31 augustus 2011

still not doing much. WatchingTV (Battlefield Britain on DVD) and doing a bit of writing on a new article for Marleen.The article is coming along fine.

I have justawakened and had breakfast. Idreamt ofvthecwargaming magszines I still misss. I am now watching Bsttlefield Britain and working on a new article for the C B Newsletter.


dinsdag 30 augustus 2011


I am feeling very homesick at the moment.i miss my books, magaInes and wargames like hell. I think a lot of Wargames illustrated, Vae Victis, the Arquebusier, command, Strategy and Tactics, and books likw War Games by Donald Featherstone, Solo-Wargaming ang Wargaming, ancient and Medieval Periods by the same author, and many more. I remember them, and Imagine what I read in them. i learnt so much from them.
A homesick Frank

Yesterday'BBCyesterday eveningbthe

Yesterdaybevening BBC 1 suprised me with a special in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It was stunningly beautiful. There were so many bands. The highlightdswere the Dutch Trompetterkorps Bereden Wapens, disguised as the band of the Regiment Wielrijders in the thirties.I was especially impressed with the pipes, drums and band of the Brasilian Fusileiros Navais (Marine Corps) who went sambaing with their bsgpiprs. a sight to see, indeed. Then I watched The Far Pavillions and went to sleep, dreaming of books and wargames I long for, but which are still in my flat. Drat!!I long to share all my books with my good friends. Already I have given quite a bit away, and more await. One rhing, though. Last weekend Walter Zaagman remarked that all I have done is turb the Frankish Sucession Wars into the Frankish Successor Wars. My good friends will fight amongst each other for who gets2what. This was never my intention.. I just want to see my friends and others happy! I am looking for the best way to do this. With regard to the Airborne Walk, I am looking forward to it and bring a booklet witg ltyrics of wrong songs to sing along the, for example, "Leprosy", sung to "yesterday by the Beatles."Leproy, I'm not half the man I usrd to br, Little bits keep falling off of me, Oh, Leprosy came suddenly".
it looks like we'll have a lot of naughty fun on Saturday....

Frank who is busy working on new stuff for Marleen.

Airborne march, coming weekend.

Dear all,

I just talked to Frank about the Airborne march, coming weekend. Frank and I ,and my two kids, will be going to Oosterbeek at around 8:15 hours, and we expect to arrive there around 9:15 hours. I plan on dropping Frank off at the start, park the car and then enter us as individuals for the 10 km march, after which we will probably start at about 10:15 hours. If there are any others who would like to help me push the wheelchair, and spend a few hours with Frank, do some light walking, enjoy the scenery, and watch lots of people, then Frank will be waiting for you at the beginning of the admission stands from about 9:15 hours until 10:00 hours. My kids and I will also be there.
Hope to see you there.

Louis Kolkman


I have just awakened and am watching The Far Pavillions on DVD. I remember reading the novel when I was a lot younger.they filmed it well.the uniforms are correct, as far as I an tell. The book and the movie have fuelled my fascination for India.



maandag 29 augustus 2011

GHS bag question

Has anyone seen Frank's black and white GHSbag, he's very proud of it, and was very pleased by the gift. But somehow it seems to have disappeared. I've no clou were it can be, so if anyone has an idea, please let us know!
Esther and Frank


This afternoon All went qell with walking in Fysio. Rense was there and was duly impressed. My fysiotherapist also told me that on Thursday at 16:00hrs somebody will come fromthe St. Maartsensklibiwk POM to measure me up for a brace on my left leg.



More on yesterdsy

One thing that was noticeable yesterday was the nearly constant procession of little knights and princesses past the CB stand, sometimes accompanied by rheir parents. In th big patade at the end there was also a little girl gooseherding real geese. They all looked adorable. One of the delights of manning a stand inthe centre of Nijmegen. Now to see what thappens today. More therapy, no doubt.


zondag 28 augustus 2011

Today, thanks to rhe unstinting help of andré Steenveld and Mathieu de Hingh, I was able to visit the medieval festival in wqs really good. Casus Belli had anice stand that drew in a lot of passers.- by. I have good hope some of these will become members in due time. It was all very atmospheric and amusing. I manGed to acquire a bottle of herbal wine. Good stuff. In short, I am very content with this day.

Medieval Frank

Off we go

In few hours I will be picked up to go to Nijmegen.there is a Middle Ages festival and CB is trying to tecruit new members. i am looking forward to iy.


zaterdag 27 augustus 2011


This afternoon I was visited by Mathieu de Hingh and Walter Zaagman. i gave Walter two books and about a dozen brochures on various obscure subjects of military history. Strange as it soundsmay sound, I felt really good to give all that feels good to give away what I have collected. it is not worth much if I can not share it with good friends I care deeply for.

Frank in a generous mood

Saturday morning

I have just awakened after a good night sleeping. I am looking forward to what I can do today. I just transferred out of bed into the chair and thrn onto the toilrt for my morning dump. All went well and I am back in my chair again.

Cheerful Frank

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Yesterday, tomybgreat joy, Esther brought me some of my favourite things. Th DVD set o Charles II, the poer and the passion, a dramatized biography of king CharlesIi and his ladies. The interestinf thing is that the actors and actresses look renarkably like the hidtorical countrrparts, or their portraits, anyway. Anither thing I am enjoying at the moment is Simon Schama's A History of Britain, the complete sereies, a set of six DVD's. The last thing Esther brought me was a wargame, Imperium Romanum II. This is a very intersting game to study and play, and i intend to do a Newsletter article on it.



donderdag 25 augustus 2011

i have just rsturned fromFysio, where I walked again. I walked with a four legand a simple walking stick. All the walking went well.more walking tomorrow.


Yesterday's TV

Yesterday's T V was very interesting,indeed. First off, at 08.30on BBC 1 there was National Trasures Live,.this time it was about an archaeological dig at Shakespeare's house in Stratford upon Avon. In addition, there was an item on the Industrial Revolutionin Preston.this was followedbothon BBC andTLC by Who do you think you are, very interesting indeed. On TLC Brooke Shields discovered
This morning into her family past aNd disco she isis related to th French kings HenriIV and Loyis XIV. In between there was Village SOS on BB.c1.
This morning I awoke with Cats101' a lovely programme about different cat races.
One viiewing tip:Saturday,BBC1at 20:10 hrs:the beginning of the new series of Dr. who! Keep an yeye out, guys. It will be worth it.



woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Intromarkt HAN

I have just returnEd from the HAN introduction, where CB hsd a stand. I was collected and transported by andre sr. It all qent very qell. The transfers into and outvof the car and back went was vreat to be at an introduction again and see so many known faces.this opens perspectives for the future, when rhere are other things to visit. Coming Sunday the Limburg Brothers festical in Nijnmegen. I am looking forward to it.

A contentFrank


It now is Qednesday morning. In a few hours I will see the revalidation Doctor about a frame for my left leg, and then I am off to the HAN introductiob to visit the CB stand and lend a hand.



dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Monday evenibg visits;

On Monday evening Esther paid me a visit and she brought a brick wrapped in silk.This deacription applies to Burmese cats, but also cats in general. In this case it was little MukMuk, who was at his most adorable bwhaviour. How sweet a cat can be, and how relaxing they are. Unfortunatelyhe brought some unwelcome guests.i was bitten all wvening by, they were fleas. My suggestion: Get some anti-flea stuff for pets, like Frontline Combo. apart of that Muk'muk's visit was a great joy. Cats are quite wonderful creatures and my fondnrss for cats increases exponentially. This morning I practised a lot if tranafwrs from bed to chair and vice versa and all qent vwry well. So I am satisfied with that.

A content and bitten

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Monday morning

Well, it is Monday morning . I am watching xena on DVD and Cats 101 on Animal Planet. The cat programme was very interesting.
Greetings from
Catty Frank

zondag 21 augustus 2011

Sunday fternoon

This sfternoon, I was visited by niek van Diepen and Mathieu de Hingh. We nearly played a wargame. it was very good to see such old opponents and friends again.



Prospe ts

I am curious to see how therapyvwill go next week


vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


Well I have awakened. yesterday walking did not go well. I am curious to see how it willgo next. Stay tuned.

donderdag 18 augustus 2011


Yesterday's TV was very interesting, indeed. On the BBC first of all we had National Treasures Live, featuring H!S Warrior in Portsmouth. This was followed by Who do you think you are, about J.K rowling. it turned out some of her anceztors lived in Alsace and first were French and aftwr 1870-71 they were German. Another ancestor fought in World War I in the French Army at Fort vaux, Verdun in 1916. Fascinating stuff, all in all. So much better than what Dutch TV had on offer!

i am looking forward to what today will bring.


woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Movement day

Yesterday was movement day for Frank to a spare room, at last! It's in the same department, the first room on your right if you enter Kastanjedal. There's a sign on the door, you can't mis it. And Mathieu, Rense, Andre and I did some decorating last evening. For a nursing home room it's quite cosy and the Frank atmosphere is gradually growing, you'll understand what I mean if you enter the room. And the best part, Frank helped moving, trippling with his wheelchair up and down the hallway with his toilet stuff, books etc. He looks happy to me there. Thanks folks for helping out last night,
Ciao Esther


JamesMay's programme was very good it reminded me of what I owe Airfix. For starters., it helped mr learn English and military history? It alo improved my motor skills and hand-eye aldso kept me busy.


dinsdag 16 augustus 2011


i have just returned fromFysuotherapy.the Nres is good:I now am walking with a ealking stick, not a four-leg stick. This is progresss and I am happy with the progresd. Morw ob Thursday!

Wat hto ight

I havw an unteresrinf tup foe wvweybodt:tonifht, on discovwey Channel, at 21:000hrs:James may's Toy Stories, about Airfix. Be prepared for an evening of nostalgia for a m(says he who has completesets of Airfix Magazinr from the 1960's to1983 in bis fla. A. Ice goldmine of information....

Modelling Frank(who will watch!)

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Mondday morning

I slept well and found some missing Wargame things. I am looking forward to the afternoon.more on rhat latwr.

Tired frabk

zondag 14 augustus 2011

Urgent question

Can anybody take me to the R U intromarkt tomorrlow. It is time I corrupted some new innocents.

The Great Corruptor vFrank

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Wargaming met Frank

[English summary: this item is to gather a few Dutch friends to play Frank's favourite games.]

Frank wil graag wat meer gaan wargamen, en we gaan proberen dat te organiseren. In principe mikken we op eens in de paar weken op zondagmiddag. We kunnen dan goed spelen in een nis net voor de bar achter de hoofdingang. Er zijn wel een paar voorwaarden aan verbonden:

- maximaal 5 bezoekers of zo, om het een beetje rustig te houden, en dus maximaal 2 spellen;

- Frank moet om 12 uur lunchen en dan gaan rusten (mede hierom is het van belang van te voren af te spreken, dan weet Frank dat hij op tijd zijn rust moet zoeken!);

- een of twee mensen moeten er een kwartier eerder zijn: een om tafel(s) in de nis te claimen en op te zetten, de ander on Frank op te halen;

- tegen 5 uur uiterlijk moet het spel afgelopen zijn -- etenstijd voor Frank en hij heeft nog steeds zijn rust nodig.

Afspraken gaan we via dit blog maken. Meld dat je komt, wat je wil gaan spelen (Frank kan ook reageren!) en hoeveel spelers je ongeveer nodig hebt.

Overigens heeft Frank ook een aantal korte spellen die goed een-op-een te spelen zijn op een rustig plekje, maar dat hoeven we niet direkt af te spreken.

Eerste spel organiseert Niek op zondag 21 augustus. Als we met drie of vier zijn is het voorstel nog een keer When Lions Sailed te spelen, blijft het bij twee dan wordt het This Accursed Civil War.

Meld je aan!

Niek en Andre

aturday morning

hello all,
first off, a message to those who missed the Friday show. There will be another on Monday at 14.00.. I am looking foward to next week.
Right now I am not doing much, just watching Babylon 5DVD's. Boys, whst a model SF series that was! It had everything. i look foward to hearing from you and thanks for the reactions!


donderdag 11 augustus 2011

And the general is walking again....

applause applause my bro!!
i have just retuned from walking and cycling. All went very well and I am still making progrss. Only my mothe and Esther were there to seeme walk. I am happy with the advance.

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

yesterdays TV

Yesterday evening I watched ARTE. They nowvhave a theme called"Th summer o girls". Interesting, indeed. Yesterday evening they showed Desperately SeekingSudan, a documentary"Profession:It-girl, and In bed with Madonna. In short, an rvening filled with beauty. That was really enjoyable.
I have just woken up and am going to work. Translating French into Dutch is not easy,, but doable



dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Rense here,
I'm here with Frank and he is telling me with glee how much he enjoys ruining my strategies for the succession wars:
"I've got everything I need: books to read, dvds to watch, friends to torture."
And he's got good news for me as well: walking is going well. This morning Frank was moving through the halls of Kalodrama with a 4 legged walking stick and a brace one his leg. I can't wait to see that!
Frank, you will amaze us all.



i just returned from fysio walking. In the fysio I nearly walked diagonally across the hall. The fysio hall and the kit in therebI call the "traina sium. para 's will know what I mean. i am determined to make something out of it!

I on my return I walked a bit down the hallway. problem:I lean to nuch on my left leg, that hurts my ankleft ankle.
More tomorrow. I am looking forward to it! Morale is excellent!
An slightly impatient Frank

Monday visits

On Monday I had a n imber of visits. First of all, Robwet Bribk(Brinkie) shoed up. I knowBrinkie from Casus belli, an in the past he helped me out witg my conputer. this time, he wanted to make my blue-ray player region free, and succeeded after checkibg the internet. Then two other CB stalwarts, Loyis Kolkman and Mathieu de Hingh, shoqed up. They borrowed some booklets off me and had a very intersting French magzine Louis picked up in Francw for me to read.
I spent most of the evebibg browsing the magazibe an some Liliane and Fred Funcken uniform books, which are excellent.. It was really great to see so many friends.
Luckily I also foubd the Mille Sabords rules. I now am busy translating thrm inyptu Dutch.



maandag 8 augustus 2011

Sunday evening

Sunday evening was spent watching T.V. There was anothwr memorable quote o. topGearr the guest ws Alastir Campbell, the spin-doctor forTony Blair and Gordon Brown. At obe point he said to Jeremy Clarckson:"now, mr. clarkson , you are a reasonabe man" and Clarkson replied:"No, I am no!". Another magic moment.

Tll the next timr, my friends



sundayvwas very god. First of all Mark and Marleen shoerd up. Marleen had an USB stick with h, which we filled with stuff I has written for the CBNewsletteeover the past fewweeks. marc a d I remibisced about the founding of Casus Belli. Thst took place at my house(on the Hatertseveldweg in Nijmegeb) and a lot of beer was ibvolved(like, when is it not? Most ideas go better with beer!).
Then Rense showed up and together we wentto the back entrance.there we saw old Gonger and successfully fed him cat bonbons. It turns out Ginger is a working cat.. It works with paralysed people and helps5them regain asense of touch. Good on you,Ginge.
Finally Mother showed up with a banana. It tasted good. Next up eas Mathoeu de Hingh, , to whom i gave some brochures. He now regards them as ,oabs.
Thtbrings me to my next subject, friends. Namely, sll your enraged reactions to my announcemeny of the cancellatiob of ny Successuob Wars. It was fun to read your enraged comment, mostly along the lines of:"You've ruined all my carefully rafted schemes and plans". Well, I am sorry, but that iswhatyou deserve for being my evil plan is on track. Suffer, mateys

Yourvery own


zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

To my friends, concerning my inheritance

My dear rriends, over the past few years tension mounted about who wa to inherit what of my collection. That went so far that it was termed ?"The Wars of the Frankish Succession". i have a newsflash for you:the wars for the Frankish Succession hsve beencancelled. i have decided to give the stuff away, whilststill alive and in commmand of all my facilitie. it is also my way of thanking you all for your friendhip and recent support.i hope to hear fromyou soon. I have something for Mathieu abd de Zaag.Rense also has not been forgotten!

Love abd greetings

THISMORNING i was watching Huge Moves on Discpvery and it was all abou. Oving a Spitfire fom Duxford to Maryland. What a truly beautiful aeroplane rhe Spit is. As beautiful as that other English excellence, Kate Bush (who, incidentally, sings about Spits in"Oh England, my Lionheart".the Spi is something I fell in love with long sgo, and it isnot getting any lesss. See the movie "The Battle of Britain" for example. If you have not fallen in love with Spits by the time it is finishrd, sometging is very erong in the universw.

Greetings from rehab

Spit lovibg, unrepentant

vrijdag 5 augustus 2011


A few weeks ago Mathieu brought me cat bonbobs. Today I hadvthe chance to trybthem outbon Ginger. In my wheelchair I qent to the rear entrance and found Gingrr. Ginger liked the bonbons! That plus cats on Animal Planet made for a vey good day.


i am wTching Sacha Guitry's Napoleon. For a hagiography it is interesting.



Well, I am back from fysio. Walking went a lot better. I am making progress.


at work

i now am working on trandlating the latest article I wrote for the Cacus Belli Nieuwsbrief into German fo the Manōverkritik of the GHS. it is a lot of work, but I am happy to do it . h After all I shoul not disappoint my fans. As Spider-man already found out:with great power comes great responsibility.opefukly I will have intrnet here by the time I am funished, so I can send it vie- 3-mail.

Greetings from working Frank

donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Serious request

Today I was at Kalorama for a so called family conversation. It turned out that Frank is doing very well (but we knew that already). However making all this progress is taking a lot of energy from Frank and because he is still in a rehab setting, the staff sees to it that he get's enough rest. That's really important to his still improving brain. So the request is to respect resting hours between 13.00-15.00 and stay in the evening not later than 21.30 and once Frank is in bed (at nigth) not getting him out of it. And although Frank wants to show to everybody his improvement and loves all the visits and attention, rest is a key ingredient of the rehab program.
Thanks for understanding,
Regards Esther

woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Kalodrama indeed.

Dinner at Kalorama is at 5, so I arrived at 5.30 to see Frank. Turned out he was still waiting for his meal. Others at the table next to him had already finished their meals but the staff seemed to be too busy to get to this table.
Frank wasn't happy. He insisted on going back to his room, but when we got there, the nurse insisted that we'd go back to the dining room. We waited until 5.55 before Frank got his dinner. I can understand why he complains about waiting, that is a ridiculously long time to put some food on a plate.

Frank's room did not improve either: his newest room mate is an old man who experiences emotional panic attacks and is annoyed by the sound of Frank's tv. So much for the private room he was promised. The situation makes me angry and Frank has his own rather direct way of expressing his anger: suggesting violent solutions to the problem. 'I'm turning to right-wing extremist' he assured me. I adviced against that, mostly because Frank would look terrible with bleached blonde hair combed backwards.
The kalodrama is appropriately dramatic today.



yesterday I did some more walking during Fysio. i can use my right leg. To stand on my left leg I have toswing it foward from the hip. my left foot has to be bandaged as well to prevent it slipping fro under me. i always thought my left hip wasaffected by thestroke as welll. Not so much, apparently. I am quite happy learning thse new tricks and look forwaed to more.


maandag 1 augustus 2011

the. NewDr. strangelove

To quote Dr. Strangelove:"Mein Fuührer, i ca!n........walk!"Thsat is,while holdinf on to the two horizontal bars and withthe help of two therapists to move my left leg, but still, I can make s ma,lsteps. More tomirrow

I smawaeb.Another week of gtherapy. yay.