Thousend times thanks!

To all the followers of the blog, to anyone who has been supportive of Frank or us in the last months and especially after his untimely death we want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. In the week after his passing we received so much warmth, stories, care and love, hardly describable. To us it was a very precious and valuable week and it was so good to have Frank at home where so many of his friends could visit him. And all the help, stories and info shared in that week led to a beautiful goodbye ceremony on a beautiful sunny autumn day. For those of you who could not attend, or those of you who wish to reread the funeral speeches, we publice them here (in dutch and english) with some pictures in grateful memory of, and tributed to Frank.We will miss him dearly, thanks for being with him and with us, one way or another,

On behalf of my family and his closest friends, Esther

Foto's Frank

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Euro vision song contest......naah!

When I came in tonight Frank was watching tv and seemed a little bit tired. But when I gave him two of his favorite magazines he was awake again and started reading. I thought going home was my best option but Frank indicated that he likes it when you just sit there. So I took the newspaper puzzle, "stole" the spekkies (yammie), got me a cup of coffee and Frank some thickened orange juice, and it was like a normal evening in a (somewhat odd) livingroom.
Andre brought a wargame and we tried to play with Frank, it was a nice try, but Frank wanted to lay down feeling a little nausea, so the first dice has been cast, the rest will follow. I asked Frank (who kept watching TV) whether there was something special tonight on the TV, he answered "the euro vision song contest" on which andre and I bursted out in laughing. And there was this little grim around his mouth again..... I'm so glad to see Frank teasing us again!
Tonight Frank was drinking  out of a "tuitbeker" himself, that's again a step forward after being fed thickened drinks from a spoon. All those tiny steps and the drive Frank displays to get better, it gives me for the first time in weeks a hopeful and good feeling. Let's march on...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah, that was a bit strange. A war game going on during the Eurovison song contest and eating "spekkies".

    It teached me one thing. Never come between brother and sister. While you said you never played a wargame you did exactly the same as Frank, take my attention away and then both hit me. ;-)

    Must be a family tacktic.

    Also good to see that Google is back on line after an almost 24 hour disturbance.

  2. Went to Frank, late last evening. He was awake, watching TV, and recognised me. I had brought Ace-of-Aces with me, an easy "wargame" in which you have to shoot down the other plane. Frank was awake enough to shoot me down....
    I left the game with him, so in the future there will probably be more dogfights in the sky at Kalorama.
    I also asked Frank if he had plans on the first Saturday of September. And he replied that he would be walking the Airborne Remembrance March in Oosterbeek then. Which is what I wanted to propose to him. Chris, Walter Mathieu and me will be walking the then kilometres with him, as will be my family. Any other interested people can also walk with us.
    When I left Frank he was watching TV again.

  3. While I don't think Frank will be *walking* the Airborne I think it quite possible he'll be far enough in his recovery that we can push, pull and drag him. On the other hand, seeing how Frank's progressing I'm not going to bet that he's *not* going to walk, either... He's full of surprises, this young master Baggins.


  4. I'd be careful about eating gifts that Frank is not allowed to eat: occasionally Frank forgets that he can't have them and gets really cross and sad when he's denied them.
    (This happened with the easter eggs and it made me feel really guilty, so I put all the food out of Frank's sight.)