Thousend times thanks!

To all the followers of the blog, to anyone who has been supportive of Frank or us in the last months and especially after his untimely death we want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. In the week after his passing we received so much warmth, stories, care and love, hardly describable. To us it was a very precious and valuable week and it was so good to have Frank at home where so many of his friends could visit him. And all the help, stories and info shared in that week led to a beautiful goodbye ceremony on a beautiful sunny autumn day. For those of you who could not attend, or those of you who wish to reread the funeral speeches, we publice them here (in dutch and english) with some pictures in grateful memory of, and tributed to Frank.We will miss him dearly, thanks for being with him and with us, one way or another,

On behalf of my family and his closest friends, Esther

Foto's Frank

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Feel free to join us

Dear reader or follower of the blog. We don't have all the postal adresses to send cards to so hereby we post the funeral card. Feel invited and free to join us, wether some time this week at our house or on saturday at the funeral service. Our credo is "anything goes, nothing should" you're welcome.
On behalf of my family and Frank's closest friends,

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  1. Lieve Esther en familie
    Wat een verdriet dat jullie Frank ineens zijn kwijtgeraakt. Wij hebben mooie herinneringen aan hem met ons bezoek in Nijmegen over Herculaneum.
    Wat wist hij veel. Zo´n aardige en bijzondere man! We wensen jullie allemaal heel veel sterkte en liefs van ons allemaal
    Martha en Paul, Stan en Mas

  2. Our Airborne Brotherhood has lost a close friend. Our Reunions in Arnhem and Nijmegen will never be the same without him.

    Major(Retired) Alan Robert Joseph Batty MBE
    Air Despatcher

  3. Thank you Air Despatchers for honouring Frank:

    It's been great that a delegation of Air Despatchers came over from London. The ceremony wouldn't have been complete without you.

    Drink a white port wine, or an Auchentosan single malt whisky, to remember Frank. Cheers!

  4. And then it was silent... Any idea when the speeches and perhaps photos will be posted here?

    I'm still struggling with the idea that I will never again hear his "HA DIE ZAAG!!" shouted through the phone, or his "I'm REALLY going to make you green with envy when I tell you you about my new books!". Removing him from my email address list and mobile phone made me very sad. (But I added Esther ;-)).

    Damn damn damn. Or as General Pickett said in the film Gettysburg, "Damnation!"

    De Zaag

  5. And I just realised that tomorrow it will be two weeks since he left us, and my dad passed away more than a month ago...

    Where does the time go, may I ask, and can I have some back please?

    Walter, feeling very sad.