Thousend times thanks!

To all the followers of the blog, to anyone who has been supportive of Frank or us in the last months and especially after his untimely death we want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts. In the week after his passing we received so much warmth, stories, care and love, hardly describable. To us it was a very precious and valuable week and it was so good to have Frank at home where so many of his friends could visit him. And all the help, stories and info shared in that week led to a beautiful goodbye ceremony on a beautiful sunny autumn day. For those of you who could not attend, or those of you who wish to reread the funeral speeches, we publice them here (in dutch and english) with some pictures in grateful memory of, and tributed to Frank.We will miss him dearly, thanks for being with him and with us, one way or another,

On behalf of my family and his closest friends, Esther

Foto's Frank

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Well, life goes on. After the devastating news of yesterday. I now am being reduced to being a "one trick pony". Still I try to keep up. Other bits of bad news: I just learnt of the deaths of Prof. Richard Holmes, the patron of the GBG, and a real inspiration and of the Big Man, Clarence Clemons, who could blow his saxophone through massive concrete as I heard in the Feyenoord stadium in Rotterdam. Rest easy, friends; you'll be sorely missed.


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  1. Yes Frank, life goes on but were there is life there is hope. Your prognoses is bad, however that is not an excuse for you to stop trying. Doctors are human and are often wrong. We all agree that your progress is stunning, you may not realise how much as you are living it. As for you being a "one trick pony" I vividly remember our last Munchkin game. You had more than one trick up your sleeve (or were that cards you bugger). You won remember! You have every reason to be proud of what you achieved so far. Keep it up and you might surprise yourself, you bloody well surprised all of us.


  2. A multi million trick pony can never be reduced to a one trick pony Frank. And besides, who cares wether it's a trick or improvement. On the outside it looks all the same. Your independecy increases, your condition, strenght and endurance increases and the most important you regained the skills to do what you love to do most: reading, playing games, writing, joining your friends in your passion and hobby's. I'd say, let's trick them, and trick them badly, we'll show them who they have to deal with. See you soon, love Esther

  3. Frank,

    Have you read the vorkosigan saga by Lois McMaster Bujold? There is a reason Walter and me think you are like Miles...

    Of course it will never be good enough. That's as it should be.

    If you haven't read it, let me know!

  4. Frank,

    to be perfectly honest with you: I never liked you because of your looks. It's your wits, man, and it seems to me that nothing changed in that respect.

    (well, I lie: i have got some doubts since I learned of your movie preferences)